The Pacific (world)

Welcome to The Sovereign Lands of The Pacific!


We are currently in the stages of building our Provisional Government. Join us here on our Discord Server: The Pacific (SL)

The Pacifican Hierarchy:

We are a meritocracy. Your position is determined based on both your competence and your contributions to The Pacific.

"The Pacific is a world founded by people with a rich history in Political Simulators. The Pacific itself looks to become a benchmark for its peers to admire, and sometimes, challenge. Regardless, it stands as a beacon of order, power, and merit for any newcomer who wishes to become a Pacifican."-Supreme Chancellor Arkadia

If you are interested in a government position within The Pacific, please contact @Ark#3495 on Discord.

Recent Event Posts

Posted at 29/04/2017 15:25:56

The Pacific Provisional Decree

By Imperial Decree, all hugging and/or "huggling" in public is OUTLAWED

Posted by: Arkadia

Posted at 21/04/2017 00:43:58

This is the first event post.

Resident nations can write their own posts about events.

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