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Welcome to Dreiland, the original Sovereign.Land world! We have an amazing, friendly community of players experienced in other political simulator games. Want to enjoy a well-organized, serious RP environment? This is the world for you. New to the game? Not a problem; we have a guide for new members as well as plenty of people willing to help.

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If you are interested in joining our world, please follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at our map and get an idea of the area you would like. Keep in mind that the location of your nation has to be historically explainable in recent times.
  2. Join our Discord Server. Feel free to ask anyone there for help.
  3. Fill out this form with information about the land you would like for your nation.
  4. If you did everything correctly, you should be added to the map and given a code to join Dreiland.

Recent Event Posts

Posted at 17/07/2017 20:34:10

Johnston Steers Labour to the Left

Felix Johnston, current leader of the opposition Labour Party, has announced a series of new policies for his party ahead of the upcoming general election in September. While popular among a majority of Labour members as shown in online surveys, his policies are distinctly to the left of those pursued by the party in recent elections.

Some of his policies include nationalizing the education and health services, abolishing private prisons, transitioning away from fossil fuels by 2030, raising corporate income tax rates, increasing police and military spending, capping school class sizes, and providing subsidies to small tech businesses and research organizations. Johnston has also taken a harsh stance against executives at Nordbank and other financial institutions, promising to direct the Ministry of Justice to prosecute all individuals with ties to Johan Andersson's tax scandal, for which he was impeached in May.

Many Labour MPs have expressed outrage over these policies, calling them "unreasonable" and "extreme." Some speculate the party may try to depose Johnston, although such attempts may be futile and self-destructive as his favorability ratings among the public remain high, partly due to his father being one of the most well-liked politicians in Solborgian history, and partly due to his charisma and relatability.

Labour party members will soon be able to decide whether they want to continue this leftward swing for the general election. On Sunday, 23 July, party members will get to vote on their favorite candidates to be added to Labour's election list.

Posted by Solborg

Posted at 12/07/2017 11:07:25

Adrean Military Announces Arms Contest

In Iaerme Pales' daily radio address to the nation today, she declared that the current Adrean military, though still in infallible and invincible, could do with a new default weapon. The army was given the honor of administrating a contest between all arms manufacturers, foreign and local, who wish to participate. The contest has the express goal of replacing the A/RS M21-A, the current standard issue rifle manufactured by Adrean company Adrea/Serbia despite the fact that the M21 has only been in use since 2004.

The new rifle has the following requirements to be met in order to be accepted as the weapon of Adrea:

  • The new rifle should be chambered in 6.5mm Grendel rounds, with a stock magazine capacity of anywhere between and including 20 to 35 rounds.
  • The new rifle must have picatinny rails for optics and an RIS around the barrel.
  • The barrel should be polygonal barrel.
  • The rifle, much like the A/RS M21, must have at least 3 variants, a standard rifle, a short barreled PDW size, and an LMG, in contrast to the M21's standard/short/carbine variants.
    • The LMG variant should have a 407mm long barrel and a magazine capacity of 40 to 100 rounds of either 6.5mm Grendel clambering or .38 Winchester.
  • The weapon needs to be easy to clean and maintain, while reliability is the number one priority for the weapon.

    Posted by Adrea

Posted at 09/07/2017 17:54:22

Weakened Government prompts new Elections in Austrian Habsburgs

After several months of silence from the government of Austrian Habsburgs, citizens from all over the central European Republic have called for new Presidential and Parliamentary elections amid allegations of corruption.

In an impromptu assembly held last night on July 8 as a result of mounting unrest, Austrian Habsburgs' federal representatives voted 150 to 70 in favor of scheduling premature elections starting as early as July 15.

President Karl Fischer expressed his concerns with the resolution, stating that it "merely serves to indicate weakness within the government, and thereby further paralyze it's legislative capabilities."

He went on, "we must attempt to first rectify the ills of our Republic, instead of creating its downfall."

In response to the President's comments, prominent leftist activist and member of the Austrian Workers Party (Österreichische Arbeitspartei), Ernst Christian, told ORF 1 that "the Republic of Austrian Habsburgs has failed its constituency, and that now is the time for change that will end an era of political stagnation."

Far-right leader and convicted Felon, Hans Horvath, released a statement with a similar rhetoric, calling upon his supporters to "rise up and defend the Fatherland."

Whether or not the early elections will translate into meaningful change for Austrian Habsburgs remains to be seen. However, what is certain is that the current dissatisfaction from both sides of the political spectrum has resulted in a tense, and many would say increasingly unpredictable, political climate.

Posted by Austrian Habsburgs

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