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Posted at 17/07/2017 20:34:10

Johnston Steers Labour to the Left

Felix Johnston, current leader of the opposition Labour Party, has announced a series of new policies for his party ahead of the upcoming general election in September. While popular among a majority of Labour members as shown in online surveys, his policies are distinctly to the left of those pursued by the party in recent elections.

Some of his policies include nationalizing the education and health services, abolishing private prisons, transitioning away from fossil fuels by 2030, raising corporate income tax rates, increasing police and military spending, capping school class sizes, and providing subsidies to small tech businesses and research organizations. Johnston has also taken a harsh stance against executives at Nordbank and other financial institutions, promising to direct the Ministry of Justice to prosecute all individuals with ties to Johan Andersson's tax scandal, for which he was impeached in May.

Many Labour MPs have expressed outrage over these policies, calling them "unreasonable" and "extreme." Some speculate the party may try to depose Johnston, although such attempts may be futile and self-destructive as his favorability ratings among the public remain high, partly due to his father being one of the most well-liked politicians in Solborgian history, and partly due to his charisma and relatability.

Labour party members will soon be able to decide whether they want to continue this leftward swing for the general election. On Sunday, 23 July, party members will get to vote on their favorite candidates to be added to Labour's election list.

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Posted at 12/07/2017 11:07:25

Adrean Military Announces Arms Contest

In Iaerme Pales' daily radio address to the nation today, she declared that the current Adrean military, though still in infallible and invincible, could do with a new default weapon. The army was given the honor of administrating a contest between all arms manufacturers, foreign and local, who wish to participate. The contest has the express goal of replacing the A/RS M21-A, the current standard issue rifle manufactured by Adrean company Adrea/Serbia despite the fact that the M21 has only been in use since 2004.

The new rifle has the following requirements to be met in order to be accepted as the weapon of Adrea:

  • The new rifle should be chambered in 6.5mm Grendel rounds, with a stock magazine capacity of anywhere between and including 20 to 35 rounds.
  • The new rifle must have picatinny rails for optics and an RIS around the barrel.
  • The barrel should be polygonal barrel.
  • The rifle, much like the A/RS M21, must have at least 3 variants, a standard rifle, a short barreled PDW size, and an LMG, in contrast to the M21's standard/short/carbine variants.
    • The LMG variant should have a 407mm long barrel and a magazine capacity of 40 to 100 rounds of either 6.5mm Grendel clambering or .38 Winchester.
  • The weapon needs to be easy to clean and maintain, while reliability is the number one priority for the weapon.

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Posted at 09/07/2017 17:54:22

Weakened Government prompts new Elections in Austrian Habsburgs

After several months of silence from the government of Austrian Habsburgs, citizens from all over the central European Republic have called for new Presidential and Parliamentary elections amid allegations of corruption.

In an impromptu assembly held last night on July 8 as a result of mounting unrest, Austrian Habsburgs' federal representatives voted 150 to 70 in favor of scheduling premature elections starting as early as July 15.

President Karl Fischer expressed his concerns with the resolution, stating that it "merely serves to indicate weakness within the government, and thereby further paralyze it's legislative capabilities."

He went on, "we must attempt to first rectify the ills of our Republic, instead of creating its downfall."

In response to the President's comments, prominent leftist activist and member of the Austrian Workers Party (Österreichische Arbeitspartei), Ernst Christian, told ORF 1 that "the Republic of Austrian Habsburgs has failed its constituency, and that now is the time for change that will end an era of political stagnation."

Far-right leader and convicted Felon, Hans Horvath, released a statement with a similar rhetoric, calling upon his supporters to "rise up and defend the Fatherland."

Whether or not the early elections will translate into meaningful change for Austrian Habsburgs remains to be seen. However, what is certain is that the current dissatisfaction from both sides of the political spectrum has resulted in a tense, and many would say increasingly unpredictable, political climate.

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Posted at 06/07/2017 01:58:31

President Petrov Apologizes

The president of Rusland formerly took responsibility and issued an apology for the death of Raoul Wallenberg. Wallenberg, a citizen of Solborg, was officially declared dead by Solborgian authorities last year, 71 years since he disappeared in Soviet custody. Today he was issued a formal pardon by the government of Rusland and commended by president Petrov as "a hero who saved countless lives and died a tragic death." Petrov also went on to say Rusland's history is "not so innocent," a direct contrast with the typical policy of avoiding discussion about the USSR.

Raoul Wallenberg was a Solborgian diplomat working in Nazi-occupied Austria during World War II. Working with the Solborgian and American governments to issue identity papers to Jews living in Budapest, he was able to save thousands of lives. He is currently featured on the 200 kronor note in Solborg. After the war, he disappeared behind the iron curtain after being suspected of conducting espionage. Numerous leaked Soviet documents since the collapse of the USSR show he was killed in Soviet custody.

Many people see this gesture from Rusland as a possible turning point in its attitudes toward the West. Whether similar actions from the Russian government will continue is unknown.

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Posted at 27/06/2017 01:02:19

Separatist Soviet Rebellion Receives Donation

The SSR, a faction that is currently rebelling against Arstotzka, has received a large sum of money from an unnamed source. The value of the sum has not yet been disclosed.

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Posted at 13/06/2017 20:17:43

Snap Election Scheduled For September

The Riksdag has voted to hold the required snap election on Sunday, 3 September 2017 following the impeachment of the previous Prime Minister, who will begin his prison sentence this Friday. Felix Johnston, leader of the opposition Labour Party and son of famous republican Cooper Johnston who wrote the bulk of the Solborgian Constitution in the 1970s, is expected to win the most amount of seats for his party.

Behind Labour are the New Democrats, a centrist party which suffered heavy losses in the last two elections due to its poor handling of the 2008 Great Recession. Current opinion polls show Labour with a 16-point lead over the NewDems and Conservatives in third place. Due to the proportional election system, no party has ever achieved an outright majority in the Riksdag. Instead, coalition and minority governments are the norm. While Labour is expected to take the most seats, experts say it is highly unlikely to achieve a majority and will likely rely on support from the Green Party and left-leaning Skåne Nationalists in order to form a government.

Under the past two-and-a-half years of Conservative government in cooperation with the New Democrats, the Solborgian welfare state and NSS (socialized healthcare service) have seen huge cuts in an attempt to balance the budget. Happiness ratings are at their lowest in 20 years, lower than every other Nordic country. Many workers have also lost their jobs or seen reduced wages due to a Conservative plan known as the Competition Initiative. The Competition Initiative creates a special visa for low-skill immigrants to work in Solborg; however these workers are forbidden from joining trade unions, and since Solborg has no minimum wage laws, employers can get away with paying significantly lower than standard salaries.

The Labour Party under Felix Johnston has promised to forbid the Migration Agency from issuing new visas under the Competition Initiative and establish a universal right to union membership and a minimum wage of 70 kronor per hour. These policies propelled the party to a slight lead over Conservatives in polls before ex-PM Andersson's scandal. Following the scandal, Labour now sits distinctly in the lead. It seems this was the last straw for an already unsatisfied populace.

You can view the current opinion polls, updated as new ones are published, here.

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Posted at 13/06/2017 13:37:53

ICU forces Sweep into Quebec and surrounding provinces

0800 (PST):

This morning at 0800 (PST) ICU forces swept into the cities and countryside of Quebec with heavy resistance, allegations of terror groups attacking with IEDs and suicide vests are abound, as the Imperial Army closes in on Quebec city and Montreal. At the same time, a pincer maneuver brought a blockade to the maritime provinces under control, however the QBR's fleet is substantial enough to cause large amounts of fighting over the coastal regions.

1000 (PST):

Two hours later and the blockade for the maritimes is complete, no shipping can get in or out of the separatist nation. Heavy fighting is going on in Montreal, and is expected to continue for the next week. Civilians are being urged to leave for safety behind ICU lines, where shelters for refugees and war victims have already been set up. The FLQ, (Frontiere Liberatoire Quebecois) have begun using human shields to attack ICU forces, as per orders of the Emperor, non-lethal ammunition and deterrents are being using in cases where civilians may be at risk.

1030 (PST):

ICU forces have been forced to fall back from the capital of Quebec city as the QBR staged a massive counter attack, using all available resources a defensive line has been set up between the QBR and ICU forces, in the hopes that air support will arrive from an Aircraft Carrier in the maritimes.

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Posted at 10/06/2017 13:31:14

Prime Minister Andersson Impeached! Snap Election Scheduled

Fifteen days since investigations began, Prime Minister Johan Andersson has been convicted of high level corruption and acting as an accomplice in corporate tax evasion. The Supreme Court delivered its verdict 9-2 and formally impeached the Prime Minister on Saturday morning local time. Additionally, Andersson has been given a ten-month-long prison sentence for his crimes.

Five hours afterward, Elsa Lundgren, formerly the Speaker of the Riksdag, was sworn in as Solborg's sixth Prime Minister. As mandated by the Constitution, a snap election must be held within 90 days. The Riksdag is expected to set a date and choose a new Speaker shortly.

This is the first time a Prime Minister has been impeached in Solborg since the formation of the Realm in 1974. For a country with a strong international reputation of government integrity and genuine leadership, this comes as a shock to many people.

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Posted at 07/06/2017 11:48:33

Brasilian Government Addresses Canadian Aggression

Following the announcement of military actions by the Candian government against the neighboring Quebecois Republic, President Marcia de Luca has threatened to intervene. Reports say that the Brasilian Navy's "Cisne" Fleet has already stationed itself in Paramaribo. President de Luca has requested a meeting with the Candian Leader Emperor Maxim to discuss the conflict.

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Posted at 06/06/2017 23:18:02

ICU Forces swell on border with the Quebecois Republic

Today in a sour turn of events in ICU-Quebec diplomacy, all ties have been cut with the former province and the government is urging all who may be in the former province to leave immediately. Reports of live fire testing near the border and joint force operations between the branches of the armed forces lead to the possibility of a renewed invasion plan, which could solidify the ICU as a world power.

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Posted at 05/06/2017 23:20:58

The COVFEFE Strikes Back

The city of Malmö was placed under high alert earlier today as members of the staff at a Jewish primary school discovered a device that appeared to be a bomb. Authorities confirmed the device was a bomb and quickly evacuated the area. Fortunately, the bomb failed to detonate. Two kilometers away at a synagogue, a masked man began stabbing worshipers as they left. Five people were injured before the man was shot by the police. No people were killed, although one remains in critical condition.

An anonymous spokesperson for the Collective Organization for Volunteer Fighters for European Fascist Entities (COVFEFE), a Neo-Nazi group, claimed responsibility for the attack shortly afterward via social media, saying it was in retaliation for the sentencing of Anders Petersson. Two suspected members of COVFEFE have since been arrested in a police raid.

Anders Petersson, a resident of Trelleborg, was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for hate crimes and violent threats on Sunday morning. The sentence was issued by a Skåne County court less than 24 hours after the jury delivered a guilty verdict. Petersson's crimes included threatening to abduct and kill a Jewish member of the Riksdag to "protect the nation from that which [Hitler] tried to extinguish."

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Posted at 05/06/2017 22:32:18

General Election Polls Tighten

Polls for the upcoming general election on June 8th have continued to narrow following terror attacks across Britain. The Prime Minister, Paige Hall, had hoped to secure a large majority in the House of Commons for her Tories while considering possible action against Al Hurria in Tripolia.

However, because of increasing economic and civil unrest fueled by recent terror attacks, the election may prove to be a massive blow to the traditionally dominant Tories. Labour, led by young Emmett Van Dyke, has slowly but surely narrowed the gap between both parties in the polls, with massive numbers of young people heavily supportive of Van Dyke's policies outlined in the Labour Party's manifesto.

Only time will tell if Labour can oust the Tories from their position of power.

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Posted at 05/06/2017 20:02:48

Manchurian People's Congress Selects President Liu Yandong

Liu Yandong has been selected by the People's National Congress (PNC) to be the first female leader of the Manchurian People's Republic. She previously served as Vice President under her predecessor, Zhang Kaicheng, who passed away two weeks ago due to natural causes. Under President Zhang, Liu was awarded considerable influence above what is typical of a Manchurian Vice President. Not much is known about the specifics of Liu's ideas for the country, although many members of the PNC were strongly opposed to her taking office due to her gender. Women are typically not seen as fit to hold important roles, a mindset that dates back long before the separation of China.

In her announcement speech, Liu focused heavily on modernizing Manchuria's economy, which has been struggling in recent years due to a severe dip in productivity and the severing of many international trade relations in favor of more competitive pricing in neighboring Nanguo and Nihon Teikoku. Many workers have lost their jobs, and the middle class is being rapidly eaten away by poverty. During her speech, President Liu hinted at allowing limited private enterprise and sponsoring new housing developments to help ease overpopulation in cities like Beijing. Such notions drew cheers from the massive crowd of over 30,000 spectators, although some members of the PNC have expressed their outrage and called these ideas "a betrayal to our Communist party."

Within the Communist Party, Liu seems to have caused a major rift. Being elected as president with just 53% of the vote from the PNC, she received the least number of votes compared to any other President of the People's Republic. Older members of the Communist Party, in particular, have been more critical of her. Whether this hint of a reformed Manchuria will last is unknown.

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Posted at 29/05/2017 20:19:05

Brasilian Government Successfully Launches Satellite into Orbit

Today the "Agência Científica Federal do Brasilia"(ACFB) Successfully launched the "Theia" Astronomical Observatory from the Brasilian Equatorial Space Center. The Vessel's name comes from the Hellenic Titaness of Brilliant Light. The Head of the ACFB, Chairwomen Ana-Maria Santos, Released a statement to the popular newspaper "Brasilia-Agora" which read "Today We have accomplished many things, not only have we launched the most powerful and precise Observatory ever to be created, but we have also cemented Brasilia's position as a leader in scientific advancement among the international community..." The ACFB plans on using the spacecraft to observe some of the most distant events and objects in the Universe, such as the formation of the first galaxies. As well as understanding the formation of stars and planets outside of our own Solar System.

The Satellite is equipt with a 6.5-meter-diameter gold-coated beryllium primary mirror with a collecting area of 25 meters squared. The Theia's optical design is a three-mirror anastigmat, which makes use of curved secondary and tertiary mirrors to deliver images that are free of optical aberrations over a wide field. In addition, there is a fast steering mirror, which can adjust its position many times per second to provide image stabilization. And uses a large sunshield made of polyimide film to block light and heat from the Sun, Earth, and Moon to keep its instruments under −220 °C. It is also equipt with the secondary scientific instruments: CIV-Prox(Near InfraRed Camera), EIv-Prox (Near InfraRed Spectrograph), IMI (Mid-InfraRed Instrument), SOFina (Fine Guidance Sensor), and CIPE-sF(Near InfraRed Imager and Slitless Spectrograph).

Abbreviations are derived from the Original Portuguese names of the Instruments

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Posted at 29/05/2017 15:51:57

GA Recommends Condemnation of Vaustnie

The General Assembly voted to approve a recommendation that the Security Council condemn Vaustnie and establish a peacekeeping mission in Sovyetska during the session which ended last night. Secretary General Erik Ashikaga has since signed the resolution and scheduled a Security Council session to take place beginning this Thursday at 16:00 UTC.

The resolution consists of the following terms:

  1. The Republic of Vaustnie should be condemned for their reckless offensive invasion of another sovereign nation despite intense international opposition.
  2. Sovyetska must retain the right to control its own borders and government, as laid out in the CN Charter.
  3. A temporary peacekeeping initiative should be formed to protect Sovyetska from further attacks.
  4. The government of Sovyetska and Rusland shall cooperate to defeat rebel terrorist organizations.

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Posted at 27/05/2017 06:12:13

Éirean Government reacts on the Sovyetska Crisis

Today, the Government of Éire reacted on the ongoing crisis between the nations Vaustnie and Rusland, and Sovyetska. "Why is this crisis even here? Only because Sovyetska militarized the border with Vaustnie, means there will be an invasion and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Rusland? The International community needs to seek a peaceful solution for this crisis. The Éirean Government hereby condemns the ongoing crisis." It is unknown what the next reaction of Éire will be. Government officials are currently discussing the crisis in the Staten-Generael, the Éirean Parliament.

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Posted at 27/05/2017 06:04:08

Tonkin gets a new Prime Minister

Today, the votes are finally counted, and it is concluded, that Tonkin will get her first Foreign Prime Minister, Gitte de Poot.

She held her Victory Speech in Can Tho, her place of birth and the core of her campaigns. "Today, is a victory for us. Not only for me, but for the people. A victory, for the people of Tonkin. We will get rid of all corruption. We will get rid of rich-poor gaps. We will be here, for the society. For the people of Tonkin!" The first things she will introduce are a special Tonkin Government Integrity Court, free healthcare and education for all citizens and higher income taxes for the rich.

The fact she won the General Elections, does not mean it is a full victory yet. She will first need to gain a majority in the Hạ viện (Lower House) and the Thượng viện (Upper House), at the Parliamentary (Quốc hội) election.

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Posted at 26/05/2017 11:20:32

Prime Minister Andersson to Face Trial

The Government Integrity Committee formally announced that it will be legally prosecuting Prime Minister Andersson for corruption, abuse of power, and acting as an accomplice in corporate tax evasion. This comes after an independent investigation, commissioned by the Riksdag on Sunday 221-128, that produced significant evidence the Prime Minister had aided Nordbanken and other large financial instituions with tax evasion.

If convicted, the Prime Minister could face up to 6 years in prison, and the Speaker of the Riksdag would temporarily assume his position while the Riksdag schedules a snap election. The current leader of the opposition Labor Party, Felix Johnston, has railed against the Prime Minister in the past for his ties to coroporate interests and policies which have cut social services and increased income inequality. Johnston's party currently leads party preference polls for first-choice candidates with 39% of the vote out of the top 5 parties. Other left wing parties have also received a significant boost in popularity following the Prime Minister's scandal.

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Posted at 25/05/2017 13:17:07

Gaulterrienne Company "Galvan" has completed the country's first "Solar City"

Dubbed "Solairville" by its creators, the solar city was established just outside the oasis city of Tamanrasset. This "city in the sand" home to a little over 92,000 people is subject to the first of several solar city projects approved and co-funded by the Gaulterrienne government in 2006. While many buildings within the city now have their own personal solar panels, the company has also built over 30 sq km worth of solar panels just outside the city.

In an interview by Les Informateur, Galvan CEO Philippe Boulos stated that "Gaulterre has always been at the forefront of energy innovation. Nuclear power has been the main source of Gaulterrienne energy for decades, reducing the country's fossil fuel usage immensely. However, as renewable forms of energy are now becoming cheaper and more accessible to the general population, I believe it is now necessary for Gaulterre to begin to shift from nuclear power to hydro and solar power. With the finishing of Solairville, this future of nothing but clean, cheap, renewable power is slowly but surely becoming a reality."

Solairville is currently producing roughly 1,750 gigawatts per hour, but this number is likely to increase as Tamanrasset's population grows and more solar-paneled buildings are built.

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Posted at 24/05/2017 14:48:10

First Round of Elections, General Assembly Session

The first round of Austrian Habsburgs' federal elections has been determined by the Parliament in its latest session, and is set to take place on May 30. The date was originally delayed after the attack on the Parliament nearly a week ago, which resulted in a government shutdown.

Preceding the decision, President Karl Fischer gave a speech on ORF 1 National Television, in which he comfortably stated that "the government has retained full control over its offices, and is able to resume its services for the people of Austrian Habsburgs."

The upcoming first round of the federal elections will determine the two front runners for the presidency, as well as parliamentary representatives, which are elected via popular vote at the end of the first round. Among voters, the Austrian Habsburg military will also be present at most voting locations in New Vienna, Prague, and Budapest, among other municipalities in order to "maintain security and protect democracy", says Security Minister Ewald Scholler.

The second round, which has not yet been announced, will solely elect the next president. As of now, the SPÖ and ÖVP centrist coalition stands at 37% according to polls conducted by ORF 1, with the lonesome AFÖ trailing at a significant 26.5%, despite recent events surrounding the incarceration of their leader, Hans Horvath, who was prosecuted by the Supreme Court over confirmed ties to Neo-Nazi organizations. Many concerned citizens and MPs have called for the disbanding of the AFÖ under Austrian Habsburgs' Anti-terrorism Law, though a resolution has not yet been reached in Parliament.

In other news, President Karl Fischer, Foreign Minister Christoph Stadler, and Defense Minister Moritz Hornbach will be attending the conference of the EO scheduled for May 27 through the 28 in Stokholm, Solborg. Karl Fischer is preparing to press the issue of the Sovyetskan-Vaustnien crisis at the session, hoping to facilitate negotiations to end the mounting conflict in Eastern Europe.

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Posted at 24/05/2017 11:05:02

General Assembly Session Scheduled

The CN Secretary General has called for a General Assembly session beginning this Saturday at 08:00 PST/15:00 UTC and ending on Sunday at 20:00 PST/Monday at 03:00 UTC. All member nations of the Council of Nations are free to attend and discuss current issues. The session will take place at the CN Building in Stockholm.

It is expected that the government of Sovyetska will take the opportunity to propose a resolution regarding the country's ongoing invasion by Vaustnie and partial occupation by Rusland. What such a resolution would entail and how many nations would be in support of it is unknown, although Rusland will most likely not be able to use its veto power as a permanent member of the Security Council since it would likely be one of the targets of a proposed resolution by Sovyetska.

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Posted at 23/05/2017 20:49:42

Prime Minister Jakub Lisiewicz addresses the International Community

In a public address taking place at the Ministerial Palace PM Jakub Lisiewicz of Vaustnie spoke of the Eastern Republic's recent military actions in Sovyetska.

"Though our campaign has been successful, I would like to take a moment to ease the international community's concern over our military's conduct. We are in no way targeting civilians or vital infrastructure. Our mission is to disrupt the military of the Socialist Order of Sovyetska and liberate Sovyetskan citizens from ideological suppression, not to destroy a society. Sovyetska will fall but the people will rise!"

His final statement was met with applause and cheering from the crowd.

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Posted at 22/05/2017 16:20:29

Arstotzka Reacts

Arstotzan officials have stated in interviews that 'Rusland and Vaustnie are making a mistake'. Prime Minister Vladimir Ivanov stated in a later interview that "If any harm comes to the people of Sovyetska or its infrastructure, the attackers must pay compensation to the people.". It is unknown what actions Arstotzan officials are considering at this time.

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Posted at 22/05/2017 15:54:02

Prussian Officials Baffled by EO Allies

Prussian officials have expressed their "grave concern" to the media following both Rusland's and Vaustnie's invasion of Sovyetska. Sources say that Chancellor Adrian Streckenbach is "furious" at the actions of the country's European Organization allies, who have rushed to flaunt their military might by invading the impoverished and traditionally underdeveloped eastern European nation.

Even as the Prussian government stood with its EO partners some months ago in their criticism of the increasingly authoritarian regime in Sovyetska, countless numbers of diplomats and foreign affairs officials have stated that the invasion was "a step to far".

It is unclear if any action will be taken regarding the invasions conducted by Rusland and Vaustnie.

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Posted at 22/05/2017 15:43:34

The March for Kiev

The "AWV" (Vaustnien Liberation Army) received direct orders from the Prime Minister to commence the invasion of Sovyetska. It is anticipated that the opposing nation will quickly surrender considering the pressure from the ongoing invasion of the Crimean Peninsula.

The announcement of the invasion was met with thousands of Vaustnien nationalists Parading in the Streets of Warsaw waving the "wolności" flag and chanting the national anthem. Though in the cities of Elblag and Minsk (the parliamentary and judicial capitals) thousands of citizens gathered in front of Government buildings protesting the government's lack of public involvement in the decision.

The government has already stationed anti-air weaponry in each major population center under 200 km away from the border.

Posted by Vaustnie

Posted at 22/05/2017 10:12:12

Tonkin elections have started

Today, the first round of the Tonkinese elections for Prime Minister, have started.

Candidates are the current Prime Minister Nguyen Tran Anh, Leftist Party leader mrs. Gitte de Poot and Le Thi Vu, leader of the Conservative party which is more right-leaning.

At the moment, mrs. de Poot is the most popular candidate, with having over 60% in the prediction polls.

It is expected that either Gitte de Poot will win, or Le Thi Vu, as the current Prime Minister, Nguyen Tran Anh, has made himself very unpopular, as of some corruption scandals.

If Gitte de Poot wins, it is the first time in the Tonkinese history, that a foreigner will win the elections. Her family emigrated from Éire to Tonkin.

If Le Thi Vu will win, he will be the first right-wing Prime Minister in the history of Tonkin.

Posted by Tonkin

Posted at 22/05/2017 07:04:26

New Woking Grand Prix 2017

Tourism in New Woking has reached it's yearly peak with the Grand Prix opening up in two weeks time.

Drivers from all over the world have been invited to partake in the event, with one New Woking driver (Anthony Gun) representing one half of the McLaren team.

Posted by New Woking

Posted at 21/05/2017 16:00:53

Initial Invasion of Crimea

The government of Rusland swiftly seized control of the Crimean peninsula east of the city of Feodosiya earlier today in retaliation for an alleged rocket attack that originated from the peninsula. It is unknown how many troops occupy the newly seized territory. Ruslandian naval vessels have also been spotted in the Black Sea in increasing numbers over the past week. The government of Rusland did not elaborate further on the details of the rocket attack, although photos have been released showing a Ruslandian airfield in ruins.

Posted by Rusland

Posted at 18/05/2017 13:36:16

Prime Minister Andersson Suspected of Corruption

Solborg's 5th Prime Minister, Johan Andersson of the center-right Alternative Party, has recently been accused of high-level corruption following reports that his administration instructed the Taxation Agency not to follow up on debts owed by a number of large banks, including Nordbanken, the largest in Scandinavia. Early estimates show that banks may have been able to avoid up to 21 billion kronor in taxes over the past two years.

Some members of the Riksdag have suggested impeaching the Prime Minister, which would require a majority of the Riksdag, an investigation by the independent Judicial and Integrity Board, and a trial in the Supreme Court. Impeachment of a Prime Minister has never been formally considered since the current constitution was adopted in 1975.

Posted by: Solborg

Posted at 15/05/2017 19:18:21

Adrian Streckenbach Handily Defeats Opponent Ralf Ratzenberger in Chancellor Race

Chancellor Adrian Streckenbach has defeated his opponent, Ralf Ratzenberger, in the race for the Chancellorship of Prussia on Sunday.

Streckenbach received a commanding 88% of the vote, with Ratzenberger getting a woefully bad 12%.

The re-election of Streckenbach is seen as a rejection of the far-right populism that has sprung up across Europe in recent years.

The real test, however, will come during the legislative elections in July, where Ratzenberger's BNP is expected to make significant gains in the Bundestag and Bundesrat.

Posted by: Prussia

Posted at 13/05/2017 10:46:53

Prussian Elections Tomorrow

With the Prussian Chancellor elections being held tomorrow, both Chancellor Adrian Streckenbach and far-right challenger Ralf Ratzenberger squared off in a debate yesterday evening, the most viewed television program in years.

Streckenbach's main strategy was to paint Ratzenberger as a remnant of a bygone era in Prussian politics: a Nazi. This strategy seems to have worked, as polls immediately following the debate show Streckenbach with a strong lead over his opponent. In addition, Ratzenberger's position on Bavarian independence (which his party, the BNP, supports) has remained unclear, and has further hampered his progress in appealing to a wider base.

However, Ratzenberger did have strong moments in the debate, mainly when he discussed the doing away with the status-quo which, he says, "has failed the Prussian people for so long".

Even as Ratzenberger's anti-establishment message appeals to some, few seem to be able to overlook his intensely anti-immigrant (and even at times, anti-Semitic) rhetoric. The country will decide tomorrow on who the next Chancellor will be.

Posted by: Prussia

Posted at 11/05/2017 15:07:50

MPs rescued by Police, Government Shutdown

Last night, SWAT units from the New Vienna Municipal Police Department besieged the Austrian Habsburg Parliament building and rescued the 120 MPs that were being held captive by terrorist cells inside.

The assault started at 22:30, and lasted for nearly an hour whilst 30 officers cleared the entirety of Parliament and engaged the extremists. A spokesperson of the Police department told members of the press that "the police department did not suffer any casualties, however one representative was shot by the terrorists after the SWAT Units reached the main hall." The MP in question was Michael Grabner from Villach, 52. The Parliamentary Committee in charge of the financial earnings of Representatives has offered compensation to the MP's family.

According to further information disclosed by the Informationsministerium (Ministry of Information) and the Police Department, 43 of the 62 assailants were neutralized in the process, though contrary to prior reports, only 13 were actually armed with firearms.

In response to this tragic event that has unfolded over the course of nearly three days, the Bundespresident Karl Fischer has announced a total government shutdown over the weekend, and the subsequent postponement of the 2017 Federal election. Austrian Habsburg participation in the European Organization will continue, however most other Foreign activities and all domestic affairs will be halted.

Following the news, one concerned citizen in Schwechat told ORF 1; "May God have mercy on us all!"

Posted by: Austrian Habsburgs

Posted at 11/05/2017 10:11:24

Rusland Prepares Offensive

Several naval vessels from the Rusland Federation have been stationed in the Sea of Azov following the recent events in Sovyetska. Troops have also been stationed in the city of Taman, located in the Kerch Strait. A spokesperson for the Federation's Armed Forces said that these actions are a warning to Sovyetska to back down with its actions toward Vaustnie. Others speculate that the Sovyetska/Vaustnie situation may only be an excuse for Rusland to take back Crimea, something it has hinted at wanting in the past.

Posted by: Rusland

Posted at 10/05/2017 21:54:30

BNP Candidate Makes it to Second Round

Ralf Ratzenberger, the far-right candidate from the Bavarian Nationalist Party (BNP) has won a spot in the runoff election this Sunday against current Chancellor Adrian Streckenbach of the Liberal Party (LP).

The result comes as a surprise to all in the Prussian political arena, who believed Elli Hackl, the Capitalist Part (KP)'s candidate would defeat the newcomer easily.

Ratzenberger had increased in popularity in recent weeks, doubling down on his harsh, anti-immigration stance, and advocating for Prussia's exit from the European Organization.

Ratzenberger received roughly 35% of the vote, trailed by Hackl (who received roughly 20%) and led by Chancellor Streckenbach, who won 45% of the vote.

Although Ratzenberger has become more popular, he will need to appeal to more moderate voters if he wants a chance at beating Streckenbach, whose popularity is at an all-time high.

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Posted at 10/05/2017 11:15:59

Nationalists storm Parliament

On May 1 at approximately 9:00 in the morning, 62 armed individuals stormed the Austrian Habsburg Parliament in New Vienna parliament. According to some reports by pedestrians nearby, the group began firing once inside the Building's main hall, before setting up barricades to block the main entrance.

Police and SWAT units arrived at the scene at 9:25 and promptly evacuated the surrounding areas of Reichsratsstraße, Rathausplatz, Doktor-Karl-Renner-Ring, and Schmerlingplatz. Additionally, New Vienna's Municipal Police Department and the Sicherheitsministerium (Ministry of Security) have issued a notice urging all citizens in and around New Vienna to stay in their homes and to avoid travel. All highways entering and exiting the capital have been closed off by police.

Police Chief Ernst Streseman has told reporters that "120 MPs are being held hostage by the terrorists, who are believed to be a wing of the Neo-Nazi group 'Österreich Erwache'." He continued; "We have already sent negotiators into the building, and we have been informed that the terrorist cells are willing to cooperate if we meet their demands and release Hans Horvath. As of now, we will not accept these terms."

Hans Horvath is the leader of the Austrian Habsburg far-right political party AFÖ, and was arrested last week on charges of collaborating with Neo-Nazi organizations.

President Karl Fischer gave a speech to the people of Austrian Habsburgs on National Television in which he declared that "under no circumstances will Austrian Habsburgs capitulate to these Neo-Nazis causing terror. We have suffered as a result of such right-wing extremism before, and we will not permit History to repeat itself!"

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Vaustnien Prime Minister Demands Sovyetskan Government to demilitarize the border

Prime Minister Jakub Lisiewicz has just concluded his "National Security Adress" at the Ministerial Palace in Warsaw. "The attempt at threatening the Vaustnien Republic with a militarized border is not only contemptible but pathetic. I am demanding that the Sovyetskans back down, or they will suffer the consequences of their actions"

It seems now that the Sovyetskan Leaders have backed themselves into a corner, either they revoke the military presence along the border and face the embarrassment of submitting to a foreign government or continue to maintain troops in the area and risk escalating the conflict.

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Posted at 05/05/2017 20:09:26

Prussian Elections Intensify Amid Neo-Nazi Findings in Austrian Habsburgs

The Prussian elections for both the legislature and Chancellorship have intensified amid the arrest of alleged Neo-Nazi Hans Horvath in neighboring Austrian Habsburgs.

Although Nazism has long been been a source of shame for the Prussian people since the end of World War II, far-right movements have been increasingly popular in the last few years as people all over the country become disgruntled with the status quo. The Bavarian Nationalist Party (BNP) has been particularly prominent within right-wing politics, giving the dominant center-right Capitalist Party (KP)cause for concern.

On the left, both the Liberal Party (LP), supported by Chancellor Adrian Streckenbach, and the Prussian Socialist Party (PSP) have condemned the BNP's anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic rhetoric as "Verrückt" (crazy).

Chancellor Streckenbach will likely face Elli Hackl from the Capitalists, even as the BNP candidate, Ralf Ratzenberger grows in popularity. The first round will be held on May 7th, with the second round one week later (along with the elections for the legislature).

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Posted at 05/05/2017 18:19:08

Hans Horvath arrested over claims of Neo-Nazism

Austrian Habsburg police have arrested Hans Horvath at his residence in Stockerau over claims alleging the far-right leader's involvement with a known Neo-Nazi group, "Österreich Erwache."

A spokesperson for the New Vienna Municipal Police department stated that "an investigation into the Neo-Nazi terrorist organization has revealed links to the far-right political party, AFÖ, in the form of monetary donations and a series of phone calls indicating a coordinated effort subvert the federal government of Austrian Habsburgs." When asked by ORF 1 reporters, he refused to provide any specific findings, clarifying that the matter was still under further investigation.

Hans Horvath is set to appear before court in New Vienna preceding next month's election. Pundits are now referring to this incident as "the most devastating blow to Far-right politics since the end of World War II." Under Austrian Habsburgs' Anti-terrorism law, Mr. Horvath may face up to 12 years in prison. The law was originally drafted in 1945, and bans any organizations associated with National Socialism.

The Parliament cites this arrest as a successful operation against the "prevailing menace of Nazism", however many Austrians from across the political spectrum have criticized the publicity of the event, saying that the government and media are merely "giving these fringe groups a platform to broadcast their hatred," as one concerned citizen in Brno told ORF 1.

Whether or not this affair will have an impact on the results of the next presidential election remains to be seen. However, most agree that this has been a grim reminder of Austrian Habsburgs' past, and it has everyone glued to their televisions asking one question; What next?

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Feds Take Tripoli, Surrounding Areas

The federal government, based in Tunis, has succeeded in taking the city of Tripoli and most central states back from Al Hurria control. As many as 3500 federal troops fought with separatist militant groups over the past week. While victory in Tripoli came easily with few casualties, regaining control of the east, including Benghazi, is expected to be much more difficult.

In 2006, Al Hurria gained a plurality of seats in the Benghazi state legislature. The other parties set aside their differences and formed a center-right/center-left coalition against the terrorist group. As the federal government threatened to interfere to remove Al Hurria from the legislature entirely, the group employed its militia to assasinate a number of opposition leaders and prevent representatives from entering the legislature.

Al Hurria forcefully controls much of east Tripolia with an iron grip. The previous largest attack by the group was in 2013 when three policemen and a number of civilians were shot outside of the Tunis International Airport by terrorists. Over the years, the federal government has occasionally conducted air strikes against isolated targets, but never a land invasion.

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AFÖ backs Vaustnien PM, Jakub Lisiewicz

Leader of Austrian Habsburgs' far-right nationalist party "Alternative für Österreich", Hans Horvath, recently gave an interview with ORF 1 in which he declared his support for the controversial Vausnien PM, Jakub Lisiewicz, and his latest remarks on the Socialist Order of Sovyetska.

Mr. Horvath stated that "Sovyetska poses and existential threat to Democracy and Freedom in Europe."

He continued; "Vaustnie is already facing military backlash for simply speaking out against the regime of Sovyetska. As a European people, we must stand up and defend ourselves from these communist warmongers that seek the destruction of our values."

Polling conducted after the interview indicates that the mounting tensions in Eastern Europe have lead to increased support for the populist AFÖ. As of now, Hans Horvath is expected to gain at least 19% of the popular vote in next month's presidential election.

Current Bundespräsident, Karl Fischer, has not yet commented on the Vaustnien/Sovyetskan crisis.

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Prussian Stance on Vaustnie/Soyvetska Tensions

Although Prussia and Vaustnie have long been rivals since the breakup of the USPR and its allies in the late 80's and early 90's, Adrian Streckenbach, Chancellor of Prussia, has said he is "committed to protecting all EO allies from any sort of attack" and that "Prussia stands by Vaustnie in this turbulent time".

The Soyvetskan response is still unknown.

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Sovyetska has threatened to militarise the border with Vaustnie

After the Prime Minister of Vaustnie had insulted Sovyetska, the nation has threatened to militarise the border and possibly invade if all claims are taken back. The military has already been mobilised and are moving to the border, however are permitted to stop if Vaustnie backs down. President Ariebham has been interviewed about the response.

"We will not take to such bullying from nations for no reason. We are ready to attack if a nation dares to insult us, with no casus belli. Vaustnie will pay for their actions if they ever do this again. They call us the enemy of democracy; we call them the enemy of socialism," the President has said.

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Newly Elected Vaustnien PM declares Sovyetska the "Enemy of Democracy"

The New Vaustnien Prime Minister Jakub Lisiewicz was inaugurated in the Vaustnien parliamentary capital Warsaw joined by a crowd of over 367,000 citizens.

The new Vaustnien leader marks an interesting turn in the modern-day political climate of the Eastern Republic towards a more nationalistic ideology following the first victory of the Narodowa Partia Demokratyczna (NPD) in any major governmental election as well as the same party gaining a majority within the Lower Parliament.

"Today, my fellow citizens, we mark the beginning of the rise of Vaustnie!" the crowd interrupted with applause. "Vaustnie has, since time immemorial, been the bastion of democratic ideals and practices...This is why in this day and age it is still incredibly concerning to see such widespread ideological suppression in so close to our nation. The Socialist Order of Sovyetska has proven time and time again to not only be the enemy of the Vaustnien but to the idea of liberty and Democracy itself! They must either end their policing of ideologies or we will be forced to end it ourselves" The Crowd Breaks out into loud applause and cheering

Politicians of two out of the three major parties (CSP and MPV) have noted that this kind of behavior is only for show and to gather support from the radicals and that it will in no way be acted upon. Others fear that his radical positions on "enforced democracy" will only pave a bleak and frightening path for the Vaustnien people.

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President Comments on Tripoli

President Pierre Dubois of Tripolia called the initial operation in Tripoli a "tremendous success" and assured "the city of Tripoli will be retaken promptly." A number of federal planes carrying troops and military supplies landed in the Tripoli Airport since its seizure by the federal government. During the operation early this morning, 8 soldiers were injured and 0 were killed.

Criticism of Prussian Strike

The president also demanded that Prussia withdraw from Tripolian waters and cease operations in the country. "While it is appreciated that others are willing to help, it is absolutely unacceptable for another nation to fire missiles into our land without our permission," he said during the press briefing. Sources indicate that civilians may have been injured in the Prussian missile strike, and a number of nearby properties received moderate to severe damage.

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Battle of Tripoli

At 02:54 local time, an estimated 800 Tripolian federal paratroopers landed in and seized the area of Qaser Bin Ghashir, including the Tripoli International Airport. Citizens reported hearing military officers instructing people to remain indoors and away from windows amid occasional gunfire. At least 5 federal soldiers were injured in the operation; the number of enemy casualties is currently unknown. The president is expected to comment on the issue later in the morning during a scheduled press briefing.

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Posted at 30/04/2017 12:28:54

Prussia Responds to Al Hurrian Bombing

The Prussian Secretary of State, Gert Höller, has announced that the country has taken military action in response to Al Hurria's "barbaric" bombing of a school in Tripolia.

Höller said that Prussian warships stationed on the island of Malta were alerted shortly after the bombing took place, and sent to conduct a "surgical strike" against a known Al Hurria compound outside of Benghazi.

Hours later, the SMS Bismarck and SMS Tirpitz launched a total of 20 missiles at the compound, "killing an estimated 80 Al Hurria jihadists" DT reports.

Although the international response is unknown as of yet, it is expected that Prussia's fellow EO members will be supportive of such actions as a way of curbing terrorism.

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Secular School in Tunis Bombed

Islamist separatists in Tripolia set off two bombs at a federal secondary school in the nation's de-facto capital, Tunis, earlier today. As of initial reports, 13 people have been confirmed dead, including 11 students. An estimated 70-90 others were taken to hospitals with moderate to severe injuries. Shortly after the blasts, Al Hurria, a known terrorist organization based in Benghazi, claimed responsibility.

Al Hurria has carried out a number of attacks on federal targets in the past, although never on a school. The organization currently controls the legislatures in a number of eastern states, including Tripoli, despite being declared unconstitutional in 1997 and a terrorist organization in 2004 by the federal supreme court. The group seeks to depose the secular federal government and establish an Islamic caliphate in Africa.

President Pierre Dubois issued a statement calling the attack "a despicable act of war by savage killers" and ensured that military action "will be taken to dispose of this menace," referring to Al Hurria. No comment has been made by the Solborgian government, which is known for its strong support of the federal government in Tripolia.

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Last night, Prime-Minister Hachiro Tanaka announced that the Imperial Parliament has voted to increase defense spending in the new budget plan.

One Representative told a reporter of NHTK World that "we believe that with the deteriorating situation in the Korean Peninsula, it is important that we maintain security in the region," referring to mounting protests in Pyongyang and Seoul over food shortages.

Additionally, the new budget plan will also increase National spending on Scientific research. Controversially, this move is also aimed at developing the military of Nihon Teikoku, specifically the Imperial navy which to date still uses equipment from the Second World War.

Overall, it seems as though the new plan is largely determined to improve and bolster the Imperial Army. Critics call this "part of a hidden agenda to return to the old ways", a claim which government officials have denied on several occasions.

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Spring Budget Preperations

New Woking is currently in preperations for creating the new Spring Budget. This will cover the expenditure of the Government, and outline policies that will be introduced over the coming months.

President Taggart was unable to comment on the matter thus far.

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