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The name "Ravnabbor" stems from the Norwegian language, meaning "Raven Perch," in honor of it's immortal ruler, Fylkir Raven.

The citizens of Ravnabbor are referred to as Ravnabborians, although they accept being called Scandinavians as well.


Ravnabbor started out as a rebel movement that arose in the city of Bergen, Norway. The leader of the rebellion was named Raven, and he sought to bring an end to the new corrupt democracy that his country had embraced, in order to bring back the old ways of Jarls ruling under a High King. The movement started peacefully, with several like minded individuals joining him and proposing their ideas to people all across Norway. After several years they managed to get a political party made, and after many years of discreet propaganda and political excellence, their party was elected. After gaining power, Raven saw that he would have to take preemptive action to stay in control of the country. He gave in to fascism, oppressing the people of Norway in order to reach a more respectable end. He changed the country's name to Ravnabbor, and with the help of the police force and the army he led an oppressive dictatorship for years. However he slowly started giving his people more rights, and while they lacked the power to vote, they were allowed to do practically anything else provided that they didn't harm other people. He repealed all drug laws, and discontinued the frequent executions and arrests that had become the norm. The people of Norway had already been subjugated at this point, and served the state with absolute loyalty and reverence. Sweden, Denmark and Finland had remained neutral the whole time, and all the while Ravnabbor had been building it's army. High King Raven personally led his armies against all three of them, and after many hard years he managed to annex all of them. The people of Ravnabbor ensured their neighbors that they would be well treated, and very little harsh treatment was required. Over the next several years the High King continued to give people more rights, and slowly converted his Dictatorship into a Socialist nation. Several years after Ravnabbor became a beacon of Socialism, it's now devout people called for a new form of government; a theocracy. This gave High King Raven even more power than he had before, and he was given the title of Fylkir, acting in similar capacity to a Pope with the additional power of King. The Jarldom remained intact, but the influence he had over Ravnabbor increased astronomically. Now he continues to serve the USSD, both as a Commissar and a Marshal; and he promises to continue doing so until his death.


The geography of Ravnabbor is extremely varied. The Southern reaches of Ravnabbor (pictured left) are characterized by long expanses of flat land, with very arable soil. The Northeastern reaches (pictured center) are known for being heavily forested, with many lakes and rivers among the forests. The Northwestern reaches (pictured right) are extremely mountainous, with a larger amount of rivers and slightly fewer forests than the Northeastern reaches. The farthest reaches to the Northeast (pictured bottom left) are heavily forested, with many lakes and rivers but few mountains.

The climate of Ravnabbor is relatively temperate considering it's northern position. The most southern reaches of Ravnabbor typically reach about −2 °C in the Winter, and reach 17 °C in the Summer. The Northern reaches typically have similar temperatures, with the temperature reaching −6 °C in the Winter and 18°C in the Summer. In the Winter the nation experiences heavy snowfall all throughout the country (pictured below). Coastal regions are typically warmer than inland regions.


The people of Ravnabbor speak a mixture of languages, the main four being Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish. Many Ravnabborians also speak German and Russian.


The state religion is Satanic Paganism, which is a combination of Theistic Satanism and Norse Paganism. Many Ravnabborians are very devout, but are also highly tolerant of other religions, although Christianity is typically looked down upon due to the forced conversion that occurred after the Viking Age. A recent census revealed the percentages of religion throughout the nation. The numbers are 65% Satanic Pagan, 15% Pagan, 10% Satanist, 7% Atheist, and 3% Christian.


The majority of Ravnabborians are of Scandinavian descent, with the main cultures being Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish. The major minority groups are German and Russian, with their languages being known by most Ravnabborians. The minor groups are English, Scottish, Irish, and French.

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