Dreiland / Adrea

The Iaermisian Dictatorship of Adrea

Summary of Adrean History

The concept of Adrea was designed by an idealistic Hungarian linguist and historian named Dezső Henrik Matija Noschese (Henrik Dezső in traditional first name/surname style) in the year 1943. While Dezső died in 1953 and was unable to see his dream come to fruition, the Croatian revolt of 1968 resulted in a free Adrean nation in a nigh-constant state of war with Yugoslavia. In the year 1979, the second leader of what was now the Adrean revolt, Misi Bogdanović, personally lead troops into battle against what remained of loyalist forces. After the final victorious battle, Misi declared the First Adrean Republic. Misi, despite his massive popularity amongst the population, did not run in the elections. Instead, Sejdo Bajramović became the first, and only president of Adrea. Sejdo's reign was, however, was marked by a number of scandals and rampant corruption. Rebels, peasants, and patriotic Adreans rose up in 1980, sweeping over the nation and taking it by force under the charismatic leadership of Lladislawik Pales. Lladislawik, using his popularity amongst the populace, declared the Adrean State, an Autocracy under the Pales family. Upon being told of this, Misi is said to have committed suicide, his life work, in his eyes, ruined. Lladislawik's own life was cut short in 1989, as he died to natural causes. With no children, the title of Autocrat moved on to his brother, Edvin Pales.

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